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GARAGE SAILING with Trash to Treasure Lit

I've got a new piece out today in Trash to Treasure Lit! I wrote this over the summer and worried it had a technical glitch in the third act that I couldn't (and didn't want to?) figure out. I was convinced it needed more work before I'd be able to submit it somewhere. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to do that work. So it sat around on my computer for several months before I came across Trash to Treasure Lit. Samantha, TTT's founding editor, is always looking for stories, poems, and essays that haven't found a home anywhere else, and she was very welcoming to this little piece. So I am happy to announce that "Garage Sailing" has been unleashed upon the world!

FYI: The doll-man in this story is based on a real...person? I encountered at an estate sale this summer. He's pictured above #AlbertLives.

So if you like garage sales and creepy life-sized man dolls, “Garage Sailing” is the story 4 U!

And if you have a piece you've self-rejected for whatever reason, submit it to Samantha here:


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