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I had the huge honor last night of reading with the HWA NY Chapter's GALACTIC TERRORS. This reading series has hosted a number of heavy hitters over the last couple years, and I feel super lucky that I can now count myself among them. Thank you Jim and Carol once again for having me on the show!

As EDENVILLE works its way through production, I've been editing my debut collection THE POORLY MADE AND OTHER THINGS (comin sometime in 2024), so I shared some of what I've been working on last night. Give it a listen here!

Also shout-out to my fellow readers, Sumiko Saulson and Ty Drago, whose e-zine Allegory actually gave a story of mine an honorable mention a few years back! Thanks again Ty!

For a sneak peak at the poisoned land of Renfield County, the world in which EDENVILLE and POORLY MADE both take place, listen to my reading of "A Brief Preface to the Durwood Papers" today:

It's heeereee. My spooky mirror story has dropped at last! If you like strange caves, crippling indecisiveness, and LOTS of flares, this one’s for you. Read it now in the latest issue of The Deadlands.

A huge thank-you to E. Catherine Tobler for helping this one fly free into the world. I love Deadlands and am stoked to be a part of this spooky, deathy world.

Read "Chamberstar: The Accabon" here:

I've got a new piece out today in Trash to Treasure Lit! I wrote this over the summer and worried it had a technical glitch in the third act that I couldn't (and didn't want to?) figure out. I was convinced it needed more work before I'd be able to submit it somewhere. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to do that work. So it sat around on my computer for several months before I came across Trash to Treasure Lit. Samantha, TTT's founding editor, is always looking for stories, poems, and essays that haven't found a home anywhere else, and she was very welcoming to this little piece. So I am happy to announce that "Garage Sailing" has been unleashed upon the world!

FYI: The doll-man in this story is based on a real...person? I encountered at an estate sale this summer. He's pictured above #AlbertLives.

So if you like garage sales and creepy life-sized man dolls, “Garage Sailing” is the story 4 U!

Read here for free:

And if you have a piece you've self-rejected for whatever reason, submit it to Samantha here:

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