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Uhh I’m in Chronogram!? I’m over the flippin moon. Chronogram is THE Hudson Valley magazine and I am honored/elated/flabbergasted/validated/proud af that they gave EDENVILLE such a positive review :') Thank you Anne for recognizing my love for the Hudson Valley, and for seeing how that love makes Renfield County special. I’m so happy that people familiar with the landscape I grew up in think that I’ve captured its spirit well in this book. GO CROWS!!

I can't believe the day is finally here! PseudoPod has been on my white whale publication list for...always?? And now I have a brand spankin new story in their latest "Flash on the Borderlands" episode. If you're a fan of Seinfeld, existential dread, and flies?? Then MY SUMMER OF GEORGE is the story for you! Check it out here:

And thank you to everyone at PseudoPod for bringing this piece into the world. It's one of my faves, and I think y'all are gonna love it...

I forgot to post about this last month when it came out, but I am very proud to announce that I have yet another publication in Bourbon Penn! When I was first starting to submit stories in 2017, BP was one of my white whales. I feel so honored and lucky, and honestly, it doesn't even feel real, that I now have THREE stories in this weird, amazing, wonderful magazine. My eternal gratitude to Erik Secker for giving my bizarre little stories a home.

"Clown's Balloons" is no exception. It is weird and spooky, and "unclassifiable," as the Shimmer guidelines used to say. But if you like creepy clowns, office politics, and ice cream scoops, you'll love this tale!

Check it out here.

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