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I've been excited to share this for a while, and it's finally here! Back in 2019, I was an honorable mention in the Third Corona Book of Horror, for my story "Glitch." "Glitch" is now coming out in my debut collection THE POORLY MADE AND OTHER THINGS, which is releasing sometime in Spring 2024, from William Morrow Press. But Lewis was so taken with the story that he asked if I had anything I could send in for the Fourth Corona Book of Horror Stories. I shared a few with him, but the one he really clicked with was a little ditty I whipped up back in February called "There is a Man in Edith's Home." Some stories need a lot of tending, but this was one of those lucky ones that comes out in just a couple of drafts. Edith's been giggling around the back of my mind for several months now, and I'm so thrilled to be setting her loose at last. I think y'all are gonna love her. God speed, Edith!

Dig into your copy of The Fourth Corona Book of Horror Stories here:

For anyone who missed my recent reading with Story Hour, the event has been recorded and posted to Facebook! Catch my reading of "OG Killer Kush," a spoOoky weed horror story, and Jose Pablo Iriarte's reading of a couple wonderful pieces here:

"OG Killer Kush" will be appearing this fall in Strange Weeds, a charity anthology benefiting the Last Prisoner project. Learn more about Last Prisoner here:

And pre-order your copy of Strange Weeds here:

New fic alert!! My latest story "Everyone in this World Owns A Snake" is now live on MudRoom Magazine's website. This story has a special place in my heart, because I wrote it during my second semester at Goddard. It's racked up quite the stack of rejections before finding a home in MudRoom, so I'm happy it's found its place at last. If you like snakes, basement therapy, and stories about relationships, den dis is 4 u! MudRoom is an awesome zine, so check em out! Read "Snakes" here.

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