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Today's the day!! I have been REALLY looking forward to this one, and I am very happy to finally get to share it: My story ONE BIG CRY FOR HELP is out today in the first volume of Sinister Smile Press's A Pile of Bodies, a Pile of Heads: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor! You can get it cheap on Amazon RIGHT NOW! Do it!!

I can't wait for y'all to meet Paul. He's one of my favorite characters I've ever worked on, and I hope you dig him as much as I do.

I am SO thrilled to announce that my new story "WHEN YOU STOP SEEING GHOSTS" is in the latest issue of Bourbon Penn! This issue has an AMAZING line up (I'm right next to AC Wise!!) and I'm honored to be a part of it. If you like spooky ghosts, family secrets, and informal spellings of the word capisce, you'll love this tale.

So check it out now! Click here to read. CW: mentions of suicide.

My new story is out today!!

Check out my short, bittersweet horror story "Everything You Ever Feared Was True Is True" at Coffin Bell Journal today!

This issue also features some rad artwork by Jennifer Weigel, some poems by Jane Yolen (WOW!) and some killer stories by Maureen O'Leary, Corey Farrenkopf (I think we were also in the same issue of Bourbon Penn?) and more!

By clicking here, you can also find a reading I did of this story for Story Hour last month. I was thrilled to be invited back for that!

Read now! Click here!

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