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Fifteen Smells for $12.99: Stories.

Fifteen Smells

Friends and fans! It goes without saying that this spring has turned out to be a very tense time for the world. Most people I know are distracting themselves with new projects, Zoom Theatre, virtual happy hours, and lots of writing. Personally, for the last month or so, I've been busy with a lil project: compiling some older, unused stories and sketches from my laptop into a collection. Now, it is officially self-published and available to buy on Amazon!

You can pre-order the Kindle version or BUY THE PAPERBACK TODAY.

This quirky collection is a mix of weird lil ditties ranging from the darkly humorous to the strangely touching to the sick bizarre. If you like creaky floors, blood-sucking aliens, passive-aggressive Christmas cards, and imaginary children, this book is for y'all.

We'll all get through this. We will. But for now, come sit with me, light a candle, and breathe.

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