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Over the last couple months, I've thrown together another little collection, this one of old plays and sketches, called DENNIS NEEDS A CIGARETTE. It's very light, silly fun for a heavy, un-silly time, plus all proceeds go to the NYFA's COVID Relief Fund.


The illustrious Dennis Rush wrote the foreword (he doesn't even smoke!) and the wonderful Jennifer Skura did the cover (again!).

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

It sort of slipped my mind to post/plug this right when it came out, but I am IN THIS! My story "Black Fanged Thing" was selected as one of the all-time best stories that have appeared in Shimmer Magazine. I'm beyond honored to have been chosen, because look at all the other names in this TOC! If you buy a copy of this today right here, you support not only me but an amazingly diverse array of incredible authors. Carmen Maria Machado, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Maria Haskins, and so many more. So why not? Support speculative fiction!

Fifteen Smells

Friends and fans! It goes without saying that this spring has turned out to be a very tense time for the world. Most people I know are distracting themselves with new projects, Zoom Theatre, virtual happy hours, and lots of writing. Personally, for the last month or so, I've been busy with a lil project: compiling some older, unused stories and sketches from my laptop into a collection. Now, it is officially self-published and available to buy on Amazon!

You can pre-order the Kindle version or BUY THE PAPERBACK TODAY.

This quirky collection is a mix of weird lil ditties ranging from the darkly humorous to the strangely touching to the sick bizarre. If you like creaky floors, blood-sucking aliens, passive-aggressive Christmas cards, and imaginary children, this book is for y'all.

We'll all get through this. We will. But for now, come sit with me, light a candle, and breathe.

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