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Updated: Mar 29, 2021


If you like dead moms, broken whiskey tumblers, and haunted furniture, check out my story "The Curse" in the newest issue of The Rappahannock Review! Big shout out to the Rappahannock team for designing such a beautiful issue. I am super proud to be in this. And look at that cover!

Additionally, you can check out my interview with the Rappa-team here:

Happy Halloween! My short story "Posed" comes out today in the first-ever issue of The Macabre Museum. There are tons of other great authors in here (especially Hailey Piper, whose work I'm just discovering), so I'm feeling very excited and honored to be included. If you like fortune tellers, Polaroid cameras, and fishhooks, then you're in luck because all three of those things are in this tale AND MORE. Check it out by buying the first issue on Amazon today! Or just look at the sample, because mine is the first story there...

You can also check out other tales on the Museum's website here.

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Corona Book of Horror

My story "Glitch" is an honorable mention in this! Out of 800 subs, they chose 6% to be an honorable mention, so I'm super honored to be included (no pun intended). Plus a ton of other super talented authors are actually in it. So check it out!

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