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I have a new essay up at MAYDAY Magazine today! It's all about grief, loss, and rereading CATCHER IN THE RYE. If you've ever thought about rereading your fave book multiple times, this essay is for you. Also, a friend of mine from Goddard is the production editor for MAYDAY (not that that's related to them publishing my stuff haha), so check some of their other pieces out as well. They have a slew of intriguing essays and fiction on their site.

Read my work here.

I was recently interviewed for the season finale of the Goddard in the World podcast. I had a lovely time with hosts Amanda Lacson and Casey Caronna, both super nice and fun people. We talked about our reasons for liking (or disliking) horror, the magic of Ohio backyards, writing memoirs, and beyond!

Take a listen here, and spread the word about the magic of Goddard!

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