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"Complete and strangely necessary. Made me realise what flash [fiction] should be."

Z.L. Porter on "Vomit",, 06/19/2017

"We are all greatly fortunate to have been reading EDF at the moment when Sam's work started appearing."
 Sarah Crysl Akhtar on "Vomit",, 06/19/2017 

Amazon Reviews for Fifteen Smells for $12.99.

"[A] visceral writer. He has our guts from the start and doesn't give them back until he's done."
 Jennifer Skura 
"Journeys into unprecdented territory."

Nick Zilempe

"Rebelein seems like the kind of writer who can look around the room and develop a story about any random object as if everything is a writing prompt. His quick rolling language is contagious."

Dennis Rush

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